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Special packages and Plays

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USASportsMonitor.net and the participating Services would like to present these special plays.
The services listed below have very solid information and feel very strongly about the plays listed below.
This page will be updated daily.

* If Sport Covered is Custom, then the package may include one or more sports.

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Package description Prices Purchase
Service Name Sport Covered * Title    
Blue Label Picks NBA Blue Label 2018 NBA playoffs $250.00 Login
Blue Label Picks this season in NBA: 216-157
Units Earned: +877.198 as of 04/13/2018 during the regular season.
If you are a basketball lover, you will love this package. Get all the NBA 2018 playoffs picks we will release. NBA playoffs and Finals standard plays + all the NBA playoffs and Finals special plays. Take advantage of this promotional package because it will not last long.
Zeus Decisions NBA NBA Playoffs 2018 Special $325.00 Login
Zeus Decisions this season in NBA: 220-149
Units Earned: +1082.8 as of 04/13/2018 during the regular season.
Complete coverage of the NBA playoffs
Know Your Sports NBA 2018 NBA playoffs. $300.00 Login
Know Your Sports this season in NBA: 228-153
Units Earned: +1120.5 as of 04/13/2018 during the regular season.
All NBA post season hoops.
Untouchable Picks NBA NBA Playoffs 2018 Survivor $275.00 Login
Untouchable Picks this season in NBA: 231-148
Units Earned: +1305.4 as of 04/13/2018 during the regular season.
This is the package that will take you through the entire 2018 NBA season. Finally have a winning season in NBA. All pick types included in this package.
Premier Gaming services NBA Premier NBA Playoffs $300.00 Login
Premier Gaming services this season in NBA: 218-166
Units Earned: +638.399 as of 04/13/2018 during the regular season.
All picks for the remainder of the playoffs in one simple package! Picks include standard and special plays.
Safe Guard Sports NBA NBA - Playoffs $249.00 Login
Safe Guard Sports this season in NBA: 241-144
Units Earned: +1595 as of 04/13/2018 during the regular season.
Safeguard plays for remaining Playoff games.
Nick and Matt K. Sports NBA Nick and Matt's NBA playoffs $275.00 Login
Nick and Matt K. Sports this season in NBA: 220-156
Units Earned: +831 as of 04/13/2018 during the regular season.
All NBA plays all post season long
Jaeger NBA NBA Playoffs '18 $299.99 Login
Jaeger this season in NBA: 231-154
Units Earned: +1218.8 as of 04/13/2018 during the regular season.
NBA Playoffs selections all the way through the finals. Package begins April 14th.
Picks From Chick To Click MLB LOADED BASES 2018 $1,024.00 Login
Picks From Chick To Click 2017 season in MLB: 305-187
Units Earned: +1923.85.
Do you want to ride another season with us? Every day you will get on base and we would drive you in, night in and night out. The teams are getting ready for another season. You should get ready also. Sign up for a complete baseball season early and don't worry about a thing. We will deliver as we have done in the past.
Midas Golden Touch MLB Golden MLB '18 $875.00 Login
Midas Golden Touch 2017 season in MLB: 279-194
Units Earned: +1513.04.
Let us help you bring in the GOLD with Midas's baseball picks.
Untouchable Picks MLB UNTOUCHABLE 2018 MLB SEASON $870.00 Login
Untouchable Picks 2017 season in MLB: 262-223
Units Earned: +736.441.
This package needs no introductions. If you want in, now is the time. ALL PICKS INCLUDED.
Zeus Decisions MLB EARLY BIRD MLB SPECIAL for the 2018 SEASON $800.00 Login
Zeus Decisions 2017 season in MLB: 290-194
Units Earned: +1769.76.
Get Zeus' thundering picks for baseball this year! We are starting off early with our Pre-season special. Welcome returning players and newcomers, join us for a winning season!
All Star Capper Picks MLB MLB - Complete Package $875.00 Login
All Star Capper Picks 2017 season in MLB: 297-192
Units Earned: +1814.45.
This subscription includes all the MLB plays to be released form our service for the entire baseball season, including playoffs. Picks included: Standard, POD, POW, POM, POY.
Major Gains MLB Major Gains MLB Early Bird $1,000.00 Login
Major Gains 2017 season in MLB: 234-164
Units Earned: +1298.
A few good picks everyday for the whole season. This is NOT a Pay After you Win package. For PAW check out the DAILY MLB. Best deal at less than $150.00 per month.
Junior's Picks MLB 2018 Major League Baseball $1,050.00 Login
Junior's Picks 2017 season in MLB: 284-199
Units Earned: +1505.86.
Annual subscription allowing to all baseball picks.
Devil Picks MLB Early Bird MLB *SPECIAL* $1,024.99 Login
Devil Picks 2017 season in MLB: 274-211
Units Earned: +1186.2.
Devil's picks for MLB 2018 Season! Baseball is just around the corner. Pick up my Early Bird special with all my picks included through the regular season and playoffs!
The Hustlers Lounge MLB 2018 BASEBALL PACK! $824.00 Login
The Hustlers Lounge 2017 season in MLB: 275-209
Units Earned: +1347.4.
Here is what I offer in a nutshell. I managed a winning season with a Top 5 finish in 2007. I turned a healthy winning season and this year, hopefully will be the same. We're shooting for another finish in the top 10. Watch baseball with me and you need nothing else. All plays included for regular season and playoffs, top to bottom specials and standard selections.
ProHei Sports MLB PH MLB 2018 $825.00 Login
ProHei Sports 2017 season in MLB: 298-187
Units Earned: +1918.2.
MLB is all about picking the right money lines at the right time. Join me for the 2018 season!